Renovating the exterior of your home is something that can make an unexpectedly drastic difference to the entire look of your entryway. We see hundreds of door transformations every month, and here are some of our current favourites.


1. A Fibreglass Door With Wrought Iron


Brass hardware and contrasting paint on the sidelites of an entryway can make your door look dated. This two-sidelite entry system was replaced with one larger sidelite to give the entrance more space and an updated aesthetic. An espresso fibreglass door compliments the red brick without competing with it.


2. A Completely Modern Makeover


The difference between these two entryways is shocking! A dated and worn door is replaced with our signature fibreglass entry system with clear glass sidelites and transom. Matte hardware makes this door sleek and sophisticated.


3. A Modern Shape With Classic Glass


This door transformation features the Kingston glass with black accents to give it a modern edge. Silver hardware and grey paint on this fibreglass door modernize the entire entryway of this home while still matching with the red brick of the exterior.


4. An Oversized Door


Oversized doors are a big trend for 2019, with many homeowners opting for a larger entry system instead of a more classic transom. Larger doors are usually accompanied by simple glass sidelites so that the door can remain the statement piece.

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