Going bright with your entry door is a daring decision, but you may find that it’s the perfect accent piece for your home’s exterior. We love the classic look of wrought iron and wood grain, but there’s just something about a bright door that really gives a home a wow factor. Lately, we’ve been getting requests for doors that make a statement. Here are some of the most recent custom doors in our brightest shades!

1. A 3-panel entry door with Lisbon glass

This EXE90 door with one panel of Lisbon glass works with modern homes as well as more classic exteriors.

Its color is bright, but because of the classic glass style, the door itself can fit into any exterior. When considering a yellow door for your home, make sure to evaluate the entire exterior.

Yellow doors look best with more muted exterior shades. Bonus? Bright doors may actually make your home more appealing to buyers if you’re renovating in order to sell your home.

2. Contemporary Collection Quatro with M-Line Glass

One of the great things about a bright and bold door is that it makes a statement while still being space-efficient. This kind of door is a great option for a townhouse that doesn’t have space for sidelights or just a home that’s looking for a pop of color!

While we love this orange hue, it is a little bit trickier to match than the bright yellow, so you’ll want to make sure that the color compliments what is already present in your exterior. Remember that even if you don’t see a color in our paint options, we can custom mix any shade, with any undertone.



3. A VA Decorative Collection M-Line Glass on a 22×48 Door

It’s no secret that here at Dorplex, red is our favorite color. Even though this door is a bright color, the large pane of glass makes the details on this entryway the main event, with red as the accent.


This kind of door would look beautiful in a modern entryway, paired with a dark exterior. A full pane of glass like this lets lots of light into your home and opens up small spaces, while the details on the glass still keep your home private.


4. Asymmetrical 2.5-panel door

If you’re looking to add some color but don’t want to go all the way, a bright cobalt or indigo blue is a great way to subtly add color. Blue doors tend to match most exteriors well and work best if your exterior is white or grey.

Not only is this door an interesting color, but it also has a unique shape. At Dorplex, we can customize any of our available designs to match your vision, even if it’s outside of the box.



Thinking about switching up your entryway? Dorplex has a program called Door Designer, that allows you to upload a photo of your exterior to see what it would look like with different doors. If you want to view our full range of products, click here.