Moving to a new home can be an exciting yet tedious experience. With all that is going on, one
thing many people overlook is whether it’s worth to replace the windows. This can lead to some
unforeseen negative outcomes. Replacing windows can be similar to replacing your old phone;
You don’t really notice how slow and inconvenient your old phone is until you start using a new
one. It’s worth the investment to make a better home for you and your family. Here are a few
reasons why.


Windows let your heating/cooling escape, wasting the energy that you spend money for to use in
your home. Studies show that up to 30% of your heating and cooling can escape through your
windows. That’s money from your energy bill that you’re throwing out the window (almost
literally). Modern windows provide better insulation, helping you to reduce the amount of energy
that you will need to use, saving both the environment and your wallet.


More modern windows provide stronger protection from intruders, helping you feel more at ease.
On top of that, in case of accidents, modern glass is designed to break into small pieces rather
than shattering into large shards. This is also useful for those that live in areas that are more
prone to extreme weather conditions.


Windows constitute a good amount of your walls at home. Therefore they are a critical symbol
of how your home is portrayed to others, and to yourself. Old windows degrade an appeal of the
house and can make it seem run down. This can not only give a negative impression to others,
but also to you; the person living in the house. New windows provide more modern design,
cleanliness, as well as increasing the aesthetic of your home from both outside and inside –
which could translate to a more positive feeling around your home.


Windows that are only cleaned but not upgraded are just delaying the inevitable. Like sweeping
dust under the rug. Older windows will require you to clean more often, which will mean that
you will eventually spend more time and more money doing the extra chore of cleaning your
windows. Newer windows are not only easier to clean, but also require cleaning less often. And
eventually, you will spend time searching on the internet how to clean the grossest of windows,
which would eventually lead you to here.


Last, but certainly not least; comfort in your new home. New windows assist with noise
reduction. This is particularly significant if you live on a busy street. They also provide more
natural lighting while also offering better UV protection, which protects your furniture from
fade, but more importantly, it keeps you and your loved ones safe from UV rays.

A new home is not something you quickly pick up at the store, details and effort matter. It’ll be a
wise decision to replace your windows to better enjoy your new place and truly turn it from a
house to a home. If you’re looking to replace the windows in your home, contact us!