The weather has started getting cooler, and all of a sudden you notice a chilly draft that didn’t seem like a major concern over the summer. The windows begin to look a little like they’re fogging up, and you notice that when your heat bill comes it’s higher than it should be. Making the decision to replace the windows in your home is a big one, and also one of the most important for the longevity of your home and the energy efficiency of your space. Tiny cracks in the sealant of your windows, or simply older systems that aren’t as energy-efficient, can create heating problems for your home. So what should you be looking for when it comes to your windows, how do you even know if the windows are your issue? Here are five things to address before purchasing new windows:


1. Stand by the window on a cold day

Does standing by the window feel cooler than the rest of your home? If so, there is likely a draft coming in from a leak in the window, which will drive your heating bill right up!


 2. How old are the windows in your home?

If your home is more than 20 years old, it’s possible that the windows that were installed when the house was built are single-pane, an older and much less energy-efficient window model for your doors.

3. Soundproofing

Stand by your window and try and listen to what is happening outside. Can you hear it loud and clear? Gaps or leakages not only let air in, but also sound. If it seems too clear from the street, you probably have a window issue.


4. Difficulty opening

If you have trouble opening your windows, there’s a good chance you need new ones. Wooden windows in particular have this problem routinely. Your windows should open effortlessly if they’re working correctly.


5. Condensation

Condensation can be normal on windows, as long as it’s not between the panes of glass. If you do see condensation in between two panes of glass, there is a good chance that your window seals have failed and they need to be replaced.


Having windows that function properly is crucial to the energy efficiency of your home. They may seem like a big investment, but energy-efficient windows will boost the value of your home, significantly improve its curb appeal, and save you money every month. If you’re looking for new windows, we can help! Contact Dorplex for reputable dealers in your area that are always Energy Star certified.