When your door is falling apart, getting a replacement door is an easy decision to make. However, many doors, especially in newer homes, still have many years left before they require replacing. If you like the bare bones of your door, but don’t think it matches your home, a glass replacement could be an easy way to upgrade your exterior. As you can see above, changing the glass insert on your door can make a huge difference in the exterior of your home.  Here are some reasons you may want to consider a glass replacement for your entry door.

New glass could make your home more energy efficient

Homeowners underestimate how much of their heat and air conditioning are lost through the glass on their doors and windows. Updating your doorglass with a more energy efficient pane not only updates the style of your door, it also helps keep your energy costs down every month.

Update the curb appeal of your property

Changing the glass on your entry door can make a huge difference in the exterior of your property. The glass insert in any door is the determining factor for the style of your door. Wrought iron glass designs are a more classic look, while sandblasted panes will give your home a more modern look.

Match a new interior

If you’ve recently renovated your home, you may find that the outside doesn’t really match the inside anymore. Replacing your glass to reflect a new interior could be the finishing touch that your home needs.

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