You may think that most break-ins occur by smashing windows and entering a house like you see in the movies. In reality, the easiest way to break into a home is a compromised lock system.

Anyone looking to break in will want to remain as quiet as possible, and many residential doors can be compromised with nothing more than a credit card or a small screwdriver. Every Dorplex door purchased through any of our distributors comes with an 8 gauge steel plate that reinforces the door’s lock block.

It’s so efficient that we’ve named it the Guardian Plate. This plate was developed by Dorplex, and is only available on Dorplex doors. The mechanism ensures that conventional methods of burglary are much more difficult, and our customers have reported a reduced instance of break-ins after having their Dorplex doors installed.

We’re so confident about our Guardian plate that we will pay the damage deductible on your customer’s insurance if their home is broken into through a Dorplex Door. Find out why over 300,000 customers trust Dorplex. Contact us today.