Here’s What You Need To Know About Entryway Energy Efficiency
At a glance, almost all entry doors look relatively similar. Outside of obvious differences like staining and paint colour, you may find yourself looking at two doors side by side and wondering, “why does one cost so much less than the other?”

Why Should You Care About Energy Efficiency?

All entry systems are not created equal, and even though what’s on the outside is important, it’s what’s on the inside of the model that counts. Entry systems are expensive and can be quite a hassle to choose, arrange, and install, so you want to be sure you’re getting the best possible entry system that will last you through decades of Canadian winters.

Having an entry system that is energy efficient can reduce your overall heating and cooling costs by upwards of 10% annually. This is especially significant if your home has a large entryway (double doors or a large transom), or if your main living spaces are off the main entrance. When your door lets in cold or hot air, your heating and cooling system may have trouble regulating temperature, which can cause cold drafts or overheated spaces. Energy-efficient entry systems also protect the floors and furniture of your home by reducing UV sun damage to your home, which can cause your interior to lose its colour over time.

So what makes an entry system energy efficient? And how can you spot the differences?

Energy Efficient Doors Have A Tight Fit And Sealed Weatherstripping



The custom sill ensures that your entry system lines up perfectly with your door and that the entry system is fully supported. The Dorplex sill comes with a thick aluminium extrusion and outswing sill that prevent moisture from entering your home.


The Door sweep sits at the bottom of the door and lines up with the sill. The sweep is made with 10 fins (compared to 6) in order to keep out wind and rain. The sweep also works to keep in cool air during the summer and creates an impenetrable seal at the base of the door.


If you’re not sure about the energy efficiency of your current door, an easy way to test it is to turn on your porch lights in the evening and shut your door. Any light that comes through your entry system is where you may be losing heat or cooling because of gaps between your frame and door. This is why each of our doors comes complete with weatherstripping along the post, and why our doors are shipped and built as complete units. In doing this, we are able to ensure a completely sealed system using both magnetic and compression technology.


Energy Efficient Doors Have Specific Core Materials

The most important thing to consider when it comes to the energy efficiency of your entry system is what it’s made of. At Dorplex, we use 24 gauge steel slabs. The slabs are made from pressure treated pre-finished wood and filled with a polyurethane insulation. We do this in order to maximize both the safety and the insulation of your unit. Many people think that wood doors are the sturdiest material when it comes to entry systems, but those units warp over time. Fibreglass doors allow for more customization and a higher rate of protection.


Energy Efficient Doors Have Multiple Glass Panels

Dorplex glass panels are multi-paned and treated in order to ensure that your home is safe from the elements. Each of our glass inserts is built by our trained professionals in-house, so that we can ensure that the glass 100% lines up with the opening of the door.


Energy Efficient Doors Are Certified

There are multiple certifications for entryway energy efficiency. Dorplex is a certified Energy Star partner, which means our doors have gone through rigorous rounds of testing in order to ensure that the quality is up to standard. If you’re not sure which entry system is right for you, or which are efficient, Energy Star has a range of brands that offer high quality and energy-efficient options.


No matter what entry option you choose, going into your search with ample information is the best way to choose the best entry system for your home. Choosing a door that is energy efficient is an investment not only in your home, but in sustainability. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new door, click here to check out our vast range of options, or click here to check out our inspiration gallery.

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