When it comes to choosing your entry door, one of the most frequent questions we get is: what’s the difference between steel and fibreglass? When choosing the right entry system for your home, fibreglass and steel off significant advantages over wood entry doors, which require regular maintenance and lack the energy efficiency of more sophisticated materials. Here’s how each type of entry door is different, and the factors you should think about when choosing the right entry system for your home.


Fibreglass Doors: Fibreglass doors most closely resemble the defined grain of true wood doors. Our fibreglass doors are available in different wood grain textures and over 100 stain and paint options. Fibreglass doors are our most malleable entry option when it comes to designing your door, and have hundreds of glass options available. All Dorplex fibreglass doors are handmade to order, and can be customized by style, colour, and size.

Steel Doors: Steel doors are a more cost effective option for your entryway, but are still aesthetically pleasing. Dorplex steel doors are available in smooth textures and various wood grains. Some of the steel door options come with glass.


Fibreglass Doors: Unlike wood doors, fibreglass entry doors are weather resistant, do not shrink or warp, and are much more resistant to splitting. Dorplex fibreglass doors are built to withstand harsh Canadian winters and humid summers without losing their shape or energy efficiency. Fibreglass doors are our most durable model, and typically outlast steel doors. Each of our fibreglass doors comes with a lifetimes guarantee, and if your home is broken into, it’s covered by our Steel Guard Guarantee.

Steel Doors: Steel doors are made of sturdy materials, but are more likely to scratch or dent than fibreglass doors. Dorplex steel doors are built to endure harsh weather conditions, however they rust more quickly than fibreglass.


Fibreglass Doors: Fibreglass doors are our lowest-maintenance option. Dorplex fibreglass doors are resistant to scratching and denting, and can be cleaned easily with soap and water. Fibreglass doors also have the option to be repainted or stained, so you can change the look of your entryway if you so choose.

Steel Doors: Steel doors are more prone to dents or scratches and rust more easily than fibreglass doors. Dorplex steel doors come with a lifetime warranty, so that you can rest easy with your steel door, even if maintenance is required.

Energy Efficiency

Fibreglass Doors: All of our Dorplex doors come with an Energy Star certification. Fibreglass doors are engineers to be highly energy efficient, which is extremely important in Canada, where the climate changes constantly. Fibreglass doors offer significantly more energy efficiency than wood doors.

Steel Doors: The energy efficiency of a steel door is largely based on overall construction. Steel doors are slightly less energy efficient than fibreglass, but our steel doors are also Energy Star certified.


Fibreglass Doors: Fibrglass doors are built solid and are far less likely to crack than wood doors. Most of the time, wood doors that are being broken into splinter and crack (which is what causes the break-in). At Dorplex, we have a Steel Guard Guarantee, click here for more information.

Steel Doors: Steel doors offer a high level of security while still being cost effective. They are less secure than Fibreglass doors, but are still well equipped to keep your home safe.


Fibreglass Doors: Fibreglass doors are on the high end when it comes to cost, but they offer the longest durability and far less maintenance than wood or steel doors. They are also often more expensive because there are a lot more options for Fibreglass doors. You can check out our full range of options here.

Steel Doors: The cost of steel doors can vary widely, depending on the the door and glass style. They are a cheaper option than Fibreglass doors, and still offer far less maintenance than wood doors.

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